10 Reasons Why You Should go Live on Facebook to Grow Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you should be utilizing social media to grow your business. Facebook live is a great way to attract your ideal audience and connect with them on a personal level. Here are 10 reasons why you should be using Facebook Live to grow your business. entrepreneur tips - business tips - video marketing - social media marketing - facebook tips #business #videomarketing #socialmedia #marketing #socialmediamarketing #facebooklive

Yes, this week! Rather sooner than later. With Facebook changing so much lately, better to jump on the wagon quick enough. I’ll give you a very detailed explanation as to why since I know you prefer not to believe me (because you’re secretly terrified to go live on Facebook).

But for now, let’s talk about my surprising experience with live videos.

Being Belgian speaking English

For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Belgium. My native language is Dutch, and even though I do speak English fluently but it’s not perfect. 

You can guess that doing videos in English gets me nervous. Doing live videos in English is terrifying. I have to focus on the content, the language ánd the engagement with people in the video. Pretty freakin’ scary, right?

But I went and did it anyway. That’s why I like entrepreneurship, it’s basically all about facing your fears. Strategy is important, yes, but fears… Overcoming them is what will get you to the top. So I decided to go for it.

The first video

My first live video was a disaster. My internet connection went away after a minute and the whole thing was just blurred. Didn’t notice while I was doing the video and only noticed after. Consequence? Being embarrassed, duh, and doing it again. With some pretty red cheeks. It’s all about perseverance guys!

I’m telling you this because your first video will not be perfect, and that’s okay! Perfectionism is not serving you in online business. It will only hold you back from putting yourself out there. Trust me, I know. I’ve had several blogs in the past where my perfectionism would get the best of me and I would not get the audience I was dreaming of.

My videos now

I’ve been doing consistent live videos for some time now, and getting these messages of people telling me they’ve watched my videos, tried out my exercises, and asking for advice. They are actually engaged with my content!

I don’t get those messages very often from people reading my blog posts. Comments yes, but who knows they haven’t just scrolled through my post quickly to think of a comment to post?

The engagement I’m getting from doing live videos is very surprising. I certainly underestimated the results I would get, and I think you do too.

So here are 10 proven reasons why you should go live on Facebook. Soon, very soon!


Got some stats for you! 80% of people prefer to watch a live video from a brand than a blog post. 82% would rather watch a live video than a social media post.

That’s insane, right? And to think that so many of us are not doing live video AT ALL…

Marketers are always talking about how our readers/customers are king and how we should tailor our content to their needs. Well, they like live video so we do live video! Pretty simple isn’t it?


Let’s say you have a Facebook account and a Youtube account to promote your business. You created a Youtube video and are sharing the link with your followers in a Facebook post. Not too many people will actually click the link.

How many of you have had that “uhh I have to switch from Facebook to Youtube” feeling? Your audience has the same exact feeling. So make it easier for them and create videos INSIDE Facebook!

Even better, your live videos will automatically start playing. Without any sound, of course, but one small click and the sound is enabled –without having to switch platforms! Can’t be easier.


I think we all get frustrated sometimes by our miserable amount of views, likes and comments we get on social media. Right?! There’s just more an more people on social media promoting their business that it becomes hard to stand out.

Facebook page

The algorithms of Facebook and Instagram are not helping us either. In some ways, they are, don’t get me wrong, but the reach of Facebook pages, for example, has drastically gone down.

Our posts on our Facebook pages are not even shown in the feeds of everyone who likes our page anymore. Only a very small percentage of people who like us are seeing our posts! And all the effort that goes into creating those posts will be partially wasted.

Fortunately, the algorithms are also helping us :). They’re pushing live videos enormously, so your live videos will be given priority over other people’s posts! That small percentage just went way up!

Yes, my friend, I’m talking FREE and MASSIVE organic reach! (assuming you have quite a few people following your page)


A live video is a raw footage. No editing, no effects, no touch-ups, nothing. Just you, the camera, and the viewers. That makes it real.

It’s not some sleazy marketing video that looks too perfect and fake. Back in the day, people used to respond well to those videos when there were only a few of them. Now we’re bombarded with that kind of videos that we immediately get a “fake alert”  in our brains and don’t engage with it.


Live video is different. It’s a very authentic way of creating content. It’s basically just a chat with you and your audience. You give them great content, they ask you questions, you answer them with all your expertise. The fact that you can’t prepare to answer those questions or go away to look up the answer, makes people believe you know what you’re talking about.

That’s what builds trust. As a content creator, coach, consultant, course creator, teacher, whatever, you want people to trust what you’re telling them is true, so they’ll keep on reading your content and buy from you. Doing live videos is a great way to create that effect.


If you have a brand and not necessarily a personal brand, going live is a great way to humanize your brand. People have a sense of who is behind the brand, which creates a stronger connection.

For instance, there is a yoga brand I love, and I don’t just love it because of their clothes. Of course, they’re great, but the founder’s story really resonated with me that I kept following her posts & the brand’s posts because I got to see more of her journey and the behind-the-scenes of the company.

Since I kept following her and the brand, I kept buying. See what I mean? Humanizing your brand will build a larger audience and generate more sales.


Live videos are interactive. People can like & comment on the video in realtime and you can answer their comments. They will show up as likes & comments like any normal post.

That engagement will increase your reach overall because it will show up in other people’s feeds. This will again increase the reach of your video.

And it’s just fun. People like interaction, so all the more reason to do it.


You don’t need to know how to edit! If you’re scared of tech, live videos are the way to go for you. People don’t expect live videos to be perfect, so don’t worry if it’s not very fancy. It’s about creating a real connection between you and your audience.

You also don’t need to learn how to create strategic content on Youtube… You can simply stream videos on platforms you already know.


You can create more compelling content through live videos than through blog posts, social media posts and normal videos.

You can host live Q&A sessions, you can teach a topic and then answer questions about it, you can live-stream an event, you can show behind-the-scenes of how you do things in your business… Anything you want that will get viewers engaged!


Live video content will make people remember you. They have seen your face, they have witnessed your expertise, and they might have asked you questions that you have answered personally.

The more personal the content and the interaction, the more people will remember you and stick with you. You want to create those loyal fans, and live video is THE way to do it!


A small side note here without going in depth is that you can turn your live videos into Video Views Ads, which are pretty inexpensive compared to other types of ads. This way you can multiply the amazing effect to an audience that doesn’t know you yet. This kind of ad will make people connect with you a lot faster than through normal boosted posts.

And if you ever decided to create ads for a lead magnet or a webinar, you can start by using the audience that has already seen you in your live video! (again, less expensive)


I’d think that by now I’ve already convinced you to go live on Facebook. But if you’re one of those scrollers, the most important benefits to remember are a higher reach, more engagement and more trust in your expertise. And it’s just easy & effective!

Still doubting?

If you’re still scared to have a try, you can join my group and introduce yourself in there, live! I actually encourage members to this, because we’re all terrified and we don’t want to make any mistakes in live videos on our own page. so check out our supportive group here and try going live!

You can find all my live videos here.

If you’re still struggling to know what to say and how to act on a live video, book a free strategy session with me here, and we’ll figure it out together!


Have you done any live videos yet? I’m curious what your experiences are!

  1. summer says:

    This is so spot on. I went live only once on Instagram… and it was terrible. I talked too fast and when I watched the video back, my chest grew redder and redder by the minute. Scared me into not doing it for a bit again haha. But, I plan to in the new year!

    1. Sophie says:

      Yes, seriously you should! It’s such a pity if you let your first experience guide all your next decisions. My first experience was a disaster 🙂 but it helps a lot with your business! If you want someone cheering you on on the sidelines, let me know 🙂

    1. Sophie says:

      Ahh yes! If you need ideas, just ask your audience what they would like to see! And then those who gave you the idea you chose will surely show up! Two wins 🙂

    1. Sophie says:

      Oh yes, it is TERRIFYING! I know 🙂 if you want some practice, join my group and introduce yourself there! It’s called Bloggers Going Pro, on Facebook. Good luck!!

    1. Sophie says:

      Haha yes it is!! You know you can go live just for a couple of friends first (instead of picking public you can choose friends), maybe that helps for your first time! Good luck 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    I went live on Facebook for the first time yesterday and it got way more views than just a picture post! I was really surprised! These are great reasons! I’m going to be going live a lot more! 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Love you article Sophie! I’m a big fan of FB live myself! Been making weekly videos for almost two years now. I love it!! I didn’t know that about the ads though! Gotta try it!

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