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Hey you! I know you.



You have a passion.


You’re a creator.


You have big goals.



You’re a BLOGGER.


You love to share your gift, your life and your dreams with the world.


Your blog is your personal creative outlet, your happy place. You want nothing more than to create amazing content for your audience.


But you feel like your readers are only Facebook friends and bloggers whose blogs you commented on. You’re having so much trouble growing your tribe!


You’re spending all your time Googling for tips to improve your blog but ending up getting frustrated.


And then there’s the tech… WordPress, Squarespace? Landing pages? Lead magnets? Email list? And how on earth do you integrate those into your website? Just the thought of it is giving you a headache.


Every once in a while you get an email from a brand wanting to work with you and you get all excited (like Im a pro blogger now!), until they hear about your traffic stats… RADIO SILENCE.



Your ultimate goal is to monetize your blog, work for yourself and create so much value for your readers. But this is a far, far away dream.



I get it! I WAS YOU.



I’m here to snap you out of it and help you start being successful NOW.

  • I will show you how to set up a beautiful blog that shows the real and authentic you.
  • I know you can create killer content and grow an engaged audience that is looking forward to hearing from you.
  • I will help you monetize your blog so you can finally have the freedom to pursue your passions.
Set Up Blog

Over the past 5 years, I’ve set up and grown 4 different blogs: from fashion, to food, to lifestyle and sports.


With every new blog I created I would learn new things, but fail yet again at something else. I learnt so much, but whenever my passions changed I felt like it was time to start a new blog and abandon the old one.


A couple of months before I ended my last blog, I started working in my new job which was taking up a lot of hours. I felt like I just couldn’t find the time to blog anymore.


But couldn’t I? I was still watching Netflix and vlogs every night.


I did have the time. I was just self-sabotaging like crazy.


My subconsciousness was looking for reasons to quit so I wouldn’t be able to fail.


Even though my blogs were growing quickly, I felt this huge fear I might not make it as a pro blogger.


The idea of putting myself out there and really trying just completely paralyzed me.


So when I decided I was done with my last blog, I told my boyfriend about my decision, hoping he would support me. Instead, he just sat there and rolled his eyes.

That’s just what you do. You never finish your projects, you’re a quitter.

I can still see him shaking his head, like he had always known I was a failure.


That moment kept replaying through my head, over and over again, every single day.


I just couldn’t take being a quitter!


I felt so embarrassed, that the one person I loved the most thought I was weak. I even thought I was weak.


I mean, who doesn’t have the courage to do what they really love? It’s terrifying, getting out there and getting visible.


It took me weeks to recover and get my mind in the right place again. But then I finally let go of the shame and got back on my feet.


I decided to do something else this time. I did NOT start another blog. At least not yet.

I started reading tons of posts of successful bloggers.


I downloaded all the freebies I could get my hands on.


I switched my music for entrepreneur & blogger podcasts on my bike ride to work.


I started taking online courses, free and paid.


I even got myself a business coach.

I was so set on making it as a pro this time WITHOUT backing out.


So I did.


My breakdown led to an amazing new start of a blog that is now a business.


My mindset shifted from “I am an amateur blogger” to “I am a professional blogger”.


I got strategic, I put myself out there and got visible, which led to BIG results in less time. Increased traffic, an engaged community and a lot more income.


I want to help you get there too.


I will show you the many ways you CAN turn your blog into a business and make money. You won’t find one-size-fits-all solutions here because together we customize the best tactics to use for you to grow a successful blog.


I am the friendly support & tough love you need throughout this journey.


Without any guidance you’ll end up overwhelmed and frustrated with little results to show for. Been there, done that.


You don’t need to figure it out on your own, only to start achieving goals in two years. Together we’ll transform your blog right now.


You will nail your niche, grow your audience, increase your traffic and implement the techy systems, so you can finally turn your blog into a successful business.


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I know you’re a busy blogger and you still spent the time to read all the way down to the end.


Clearly we need to connect so that you stop reading about going pro but acutally become a professional blogger. I’m so excited to start our blogger journey together.



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