Hey you!

I know you. Wanna bet?

You have a passion, you have big goals and you want to help people.
“Purpose” and “financial freedom” are pretty vital words in your dictionary. True?
You’re an online entrepreneur! I knew it.
I am one too. And I love being one. Best decision of my life. But it took me some time to get here. It didn’t go as smoothly as I had initially planned…
Here’s what happened.
I had been blogging on and off for about 4 years, freelancing & consulting in marketing for another year, when I decided I wanted to use this experience to become a coach. I launched a completely new site, put up my offerings and got social on social media. And then… crickets.
It takes a little more than that to succeed. So I did what every entrepreneur these days is doing: I hired a business coach. I packaged my offer right, built a funnel, got out of my comfort zone…
But I still wasn’t signing any clients.
It turns out I wasn’t getting enough eyeballs and I was lacking authority. So I focused on creating amazing content and boosting my traffic.

I had some success with Pinterest before, so I decided to set up an extensive Pinterest strategy. And it payed off. 

I remember my first viral pinGreat feeling. 

I went from 50 daily pageviews to 1000 daily views. Say what?! 

All those stories about viral pins and huge traffic, it is actually possible! 

Here’s a sneak peek at my little victory moment.

And then things started moving…

I was getting plenty of comments on my blog of people loving my advice. 

I started doing live videos to have realtime conversations and lots of people interacted with them. 

I got more viewers on my Youtube channel who started replying to my videos…

Comments often went like this >>>
I can hear you thinking that blog comments don’t mean anything. But wait until you read what happened next.
At one point there was a girl who found me on Pinterest, then checked out my blog & commented, then found my Youtube channel, and commented on one of my videos on there:
Having all this content meant people could follow a “trail”, and with each step my authority was building. By the time we actually got to talking she was already “obsessed with my content” (her words). 
Being visible got me to sign a client without having to convince her, because I already showed my value online.
Visibility is so freakin’ important as an online entrepreneur, and you just can’t skip it. But it’s not that easy.

You need to have the confidence to show up, you need to have clarity in your services and your message, and you need an overall strategy to know where you’re going!

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I’ll see you there!