An Open Letter to the Clueless Blogger

So you are relatively new to blogging and you don’t know much about what you can expect. Therefore I wanted to take a couple of minutes to fill you in… All the great bloggers were new at some point. And they had fewer tools, and these weren’t free… Hosting used to cost two-three times more…


The following was shared by Meera Kothand in an e-mail, and it shows perfectly what you may be going through:

“I started my site with nothing but a passion to share my words.

“I went into this knowing that I was in it for the long haul. That I wanted to treat it like a business even before it was one.

“I didn’t think people would resonate with my writing.

“I didn’t think though, that it would more than replace my full-time income within such a short period of time.”

“The first year – year and a half – in particular are overwhelming. You’re paying for services like your email service provider, hosting etc and may not necessarily be making it back.

“Are you doing the right thing? Is it even worth your time? Why does it take you so long to figure out something simple in WordPress? All of these thoughts are normal.

“It’s not you. It’s what majority of people starting businesses and blogs go through.”

Meera is now a full-time blogger. And you can do the same…


There are two types of bloggers.

1. Those who are blogging just for their own fun.

2. Those who want to make money from it.

I know it is your passion in both cases. But, my question is, if you are already putting all this work into your blog, why not get rewarded for it? You really deserve it… You work hard…


Some bloggers can’t even believe that it is possible to make money blogging. Therefore I wanted to give you some examples.

John Chow

Probably the most well-known high-earning blogger is John Chow, he makes 7-figure income just by blogging about how he makes money. Per his own description, he has 200 people signing up for his email list every single day… Here is a short video from him:

Pat Flynn

Pat is most well-known for being an affiliate marketer. He also started out as a clueless blogger, and he didn’t even think about starting an email list until a year and a half later… And now he has made over 2 million dollars from his blog in the past 12 months. You can check out his income reports here.

Abby, Just A Girl And Her Blog

She is just like you, started her blog on a whim. She didn’t even know what a blog was and didn’t think anyone would ever read her blog. Now it is a family business and she is working on it full time.


First Step

You need to decide that you are going to take blogging seriously. Like a profession. Just think about how much time people spend on learning to become a doctor, a lawyer or even to drive a car. Why would blogging be different?

Second Step

You need a system. This system needs to include content writing (what you write about, keywords you use), promoting your content (promotion is the spark that ignites the fire) and monetizing it. There are different methods and mediums to do these. Whatever is your choice, you need to keep following it. Unfortunately I need to tell you that Googling is not going to give you a system… You will need something more substantial.

Third step

Don’t give up. I started a WordPress site, it’s not strictly a blog, 6 months ago. I put a lot of time into it. It is starting to get organic traffic now, in fact I just passed the 200 organic visitors per month. I was just thinking that it is time to set it up so that it makes consistent money for me. So I Googled how to make money in that niche. I scrolled down the firs page… Just imagine how I felt when I saw, halfway down the page, my own site, my own post, trying to give me the answer… It was a really emotional moment. You will get to that moment, too.

Last step

Lone wolfs get shot… I don’t recommend that you do it all alone. Me, I did it that way, with no path and no directions to follow, getting lost several times. I don’t recommend that you do the same. My best advice for you is the following: Find someone who is successful and follow their method.

Get coaching from Sophie, she is great, she has already grown several blogs. She is a real pro and it is well worth your investment.

Or, if you feel that you can do it on your own, you just need some written guidance, follow my email course, it will get you started.


Make the decision right now that you are going to take your blog seriously.

It’s your baby.

Make it grow.




  1. Diana says:

    As a new blogger I find that joining Facebook groups is also really helpful! It is overwhelming when you first start your blog and it seems like I’m still learning something new everyday!

  2. yasmina says:

    New blogger as well and sometimes getting overwhelmed with too many information but looking forward to this new adventure surrounded by good guidance

  3. Bree says:

    This is awesome!! I would love to chat with you more… I run a conference and online community that teaches bloggers and social media influencers. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in chatting more and possibly getting plugged in!

    Our site: thrivecreativeevents.com

    Thanks for sharing and for helping other bloggers succeed. People like you are one of the reasons why I have kept on blogging for over 7 years.

  4. McKayla says:

    Great article! I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now, and the one thing I wish I did differently is I wish I would’ve created a plan, and wrote each post so that is was SEO friendly, with great graphics. I feel as if I waste a lot of time going back and fixing things.

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