One big worry that all content creators share in the online world, is “how do I stand out?”. I’m pretty sure that’s something you often worry about too. Am I right? With the number of blogs in the online space, there’s gotta be plenty of other people writing about the same topic you’re writing about. So how do you attract people to your blog and not anyone else’s? I’ll give you a little hint already: you have to find your unique voice. You have to find a way to show your unique views and personality in the way you write. Sounds hard to accomplish? Not necessarily…



A unique blogging voice is a writing style that creates a connection with your audience. It feels as if you’re talking to a friend.


This kind of writing makes the reader feel right at home when they read your blog post. That’s what we want! It feels like a conversation, rather than dry knowledge. You know those corporate posts you see from agencies or bigger companies? That’s NOT what we’re going for here. Authentic, real, personal, and conversational is the feel and style you want in your blog posts.


Let’s say you’ve got that down. You’re imagining an ideal reader that happens to be your friend when you’re writing and you’ve got a great conversational post. How will it be different from someone else’s post? Imagine a blog post written by Gary Vaynerchuk or a Gabby Bernstein. Both about the same topic, with the same outline. What will be different, you think? The entire post will be different. These two couldn’t have a more different style, so their whole writing will be different. Why? Their personality!


You want your personality to shine through in a blog post. Don’t just make it a conversation and that’s it. You want your readers to get to know you a little through your blog posts. You want your blog posts to resonate with them, and that usually happens when they feel that you’re like them. 

And if you’re not showing your personality, how can they feel like you’re alike? They can’t. Simple as that. Show your personality and it will be 10 times easier to create a connection with your audience.

Target Audience

If you’re afraid of doing this because you’ll cut out a part of an audience that doesn’t like your personality, don’t be. If you’re trying to write to everyone, you’ll end up writing to no one. I bet you’ve already heard this one flying around, haven’t you? It’s true. No personality = no connection = no one sticks around on your blog. You’d rather have a small loyal audience than a big audience that never returns to your blog, don’t you?

Let’s go back to the example. Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog post will be directed to the “hustlers”. That’s his target audience. Abby Bernstein’s post will be directed to the “manifesters”, for instance. They both have a totally different target, and that’s okay. Now ask yourself, who will be your target audience? Can you give them a name?



I touched on this a little bit already in the first part about personality. Showing your unique voice shows your personality. This means you’re showing the person behind the brand. No one is interested in a big faceless company. We all like to be inspired and taught by personal brands! So show the person 🙂 This will make it a lot more authentic too. If you’re teaching something, you want people to believe you.


If you’re showing your unique way of thinking and values, this will increase the authenticity and to what extent people will believe everything you’re teaching. Imagine someone that teaches all about building an online business but never shares her story? Would you believe her? Storytelling is a big part of having a unique voice because it increases the connection between you and your reader. You would tell stories to a friend too, wouldn’t you?


This connection is another big advantage of using your unique voice. Being able to build a connection with a reader will start your relationship. That reader will likely return to your blog and read other blog posts, or will follow you on social media and subscribe to your email list. In this way you can start building a relationship with the reader and they will eventually buy from you (or click your affiliate links). Buying decisions are emotional rather than logical, so building a connection is the way to go!


A reader that feels a connection with you will be more engaged with the content you put out. That, again, will help only improve the relationship and the probability of buying from you. But that’s not the only advantage. An engaged reader will engage others! You would rather follow someone on Instagram who has lots of followers & comments, than someone with no engaged followers, right? Showing your unique voice will engage people, who will engage even more people. Awesome!

Stand out

If you manage to get to this point, you will definitely stand out. You’ll be a blogger that isn’t afraid to be herself, shows off her unique personality and builds a strong personal brand. You’ll have a lot of engaged readers who feel a connection with you, and you’ll be able to create a community of likeminded people. You can become the next Abby Bernstein with a community of manifesters 🙂



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