Looking for a Guest Blogging Opportunity? Well, this is it! I offer all bloggers (big or small) guest post opportunities if they write an article that is related to any of the below questions.


The purpose of sophievl.com is to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs succeed in any way I can. Reading experiences of other entrepreneurs, their tips, how they overcame their struggles, etc. will help them reduce the trial and error so they can achieve their goals more quickly.

  1. What has been your greatest blogging/online business struggle and how did you overcome it?
  2. Describe your blogging/entrepreneurial journey, the hard times and the celebrations.
  3. Which BIG goal did you achieve recently?
  4. Why do you blog or why are you an entrepreneur? What is your purpose? And how are you able to fulfill your purpose?
  5. What is your biggest traffic source and how did you get there?
  6. What were/are your greatest blogging/business fears and how are you working on them?
  7. Are you a full-time entrepreneur? How did you go from 9-5 to full-time entrepreneurship?
  8. How did you make your first dollars from your online business?

Any other ideas related to these questions are also welcome!

Some requirements for the articles:

  • The article needs to be well-written
  • Min. 300 words
  • It needs to have an introduction and a conclusion
  • Not one long text but paragraphs with headlines
  • Add a few links to other relevant articles on the subject (on other authority sites mostly, maybe one to your blog but not all of them)
  • You can include an image (not necessary)

Contact me through the contact form below and include with your story pitch and include an outline or a paragraph of the article you’d like to write. Add a link to your blog too.


Looking forward to reading your stories!