How to Pitch Yourself as a Blogger

How to Pitch yourself as a Blogger
Do you feel uncomfortable introducing yourself as a blogger and business owner? You want to work with top-named brands but you're not sure how to pitch yourself. Learn how to introduce yourself as a business owner and begin to monetize your blog and business! entrepreneur tips - business tips - make money blogging - grow your business - blogging tips #sophievl #entrepreneur #solopreneur #business #blogging

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You just arrived at a huge blogger event. There are tons of people around you and you try to find your blogger besties. When you make your way through the crowd, you see food stands (yum!) and lots of people talking. You recognize a bunch of big bloggers and start getting a little insecure. You don’t want to be here alone, ’cause then you’d have to find new people and get out of your comfort zone. And you’re not a big networker!


Ahhh, you see a friend of yours, yay! You start walking towards her, and suddenly someone ticks you on the shoulder. “Aren’t you that blogger from lostatsea.com?” Just made up a name.  Awesome, someone recognizes me! You think. Then you answer with “yes I am.” The guy replies and starts talking about his company. And then he asks you: “What do you do exactly? Who is your target market?” “Uhmmm, I’m a travel blogger. And my target market? Girls like me?” I think we can all agree that’s not the greatest answer.

How many of you have been in this situation before? Networking is not fun and can be seriously awkward. But if you want to monetize by working with brands, you have to be able to pitch yourself. What is that, pitching yourself?


A pitch is a one-liner that you can tell people, that describes who you are and what you do in one sentence. The perfect answer when a company asks you about your blog. It includes who you are, your blogging niche, your target market and the benefits of your blog. All in one sentence! Knowing your pitch will help you introduce yourself to anyone, in real life and online. 

The first example is the event I was just talking about, where you would introduce yourself in real life. But that’s not the only place you’d use your pitch! Hell no. In every email you send to a new person who doesn’t know who you are, you’d use your pitch. This could be in communications with brands, other sites you want to guest post on, collaborations with other bloggers…


Next to emails, you would also use your pitch on social media. Ever wondered what to do with your social media bio? I see a lot of influencers & bloggers putting random words or sentences next to each other and calling it a day. But your bio is supposed to show who you are and what your profile is about, in a strategic way. You don’t want people to get confused and leave your profile, do you?

That’s why you should put your pitch in your social media bio. You might not be able to put your full pitch in there (Instagram’s bio only allows for 150 characters)  so you’d create a short version of your pitch.

A few notso-great examples:

mom, fashion enthusiast, dreamer, soul seeker. I love mac & cheese, kind hearts, mindfulness and chocolate.

Lifestyle Blogger, Selflove advocate, Food freedom warrior. *also enjoys yoga*

a r t i s t • Slightly obsessed with hot chocolate, fluffy pyjamas and my cat Cooper

wife, mother, writer, runner• lover of organization • craftaholic • currently Minnesota

26.  blogger.  wanna-be designer. pug mom. wifey. forgive me for what I said when I was hungry

With all of these examples, it’s not very clear what they do (except the lifestyle blogger, but still… what kind of lifestyle blogger?). There’s a ton of non-necessary information in their bio that only clutters the profile. If you use your blog to make money, make it clear to people what you do and what kind of people you target. Brands will know if you’re a great fit, other bloggers will know too, and potential new followers will immediately have a clue about the content you’ll offer.

The fact that you enjoy yoga, that you’re a pug mom, that you have cat called Cooper, etc. is not necessary. It can be useful, don’t get me wrong, to give people an idea of who you are, your story, since you still want people to get to know you. But if that means not talking about your target or the benefits because of limited space, then focus on what’s important and leave the clutter out.

Link in Instagram Bio

One sidenote about the link you include on Instagram: make sure this links will get them to do something. If you have a freebie, put the landing page to your freebie in there instead of your homepage. If you want people to subscribe to your podcast, put that link. You want people to something, instead of visiting your site and leaving.

Of course, linktr.ee (combination of several links) is useful to include more things, if you want to guide them to your blog posts AND your freebies, for instance, depending on your Instagram posts. Even better than linktr.ee is this little hack: I use a page from my website that is my “tree”. That way people are immediately on my website so they can choose how to navigate themselves. Plus you instantly get more pageviews :).


We’ve finally come to the part where I tell you how you can create that pitch. You pitch needs to include who you are, what you do, who your target is and what benefit you would offer to your target.

A pitch could go like this:

I am… -> who you are

Who… -> what you do

For… -> who is your target

So… -> what’s the benefit you offer

Example: My Pitch

I am a blog & business coach who helps bloggers turn their blog into a profitable online business so they can keep sharing their passion & achieve financial freedom.

Who am I? A blog & business coach.

What do I do? I help bloggers turn their blog into a profitable online business

Who is my target? Bloggers

What’s the benefit? Keep sharing their passion and achieve financial freedom.

Instagram Bio

My Instagram bio is different:

SOPHIE VL | Blog & Biz Coach. Helping fellow bloggers create profitable online business. FREE: 7 essential tweaks to make your blog look stunning & professional www.sophievl.com/clickhere

You see that there’s not enough room to put the entire pitch. I prioritize who I am, who my target is, what I do, and a freebie that I offer. I do use the entire pitch on Twitter for example.


This is how you can create your pitch so you never have to feel awkward at events again, and have a consistent bio on all of your social media channels and in all your emails. Building a blog is building a personal brand, so the strategic pitch is a necessary part of the journey!

If you have trouble creating your pitch, you might have trouble with your niche. It might not be 100% clear for you who you are, what you do, who your target is and what the benefits are. That means you haven’t chosen your niche & target properly. Not to worry though! I have an entire exercise ready for you to do this, just click the image below.

If you still have issues, either by defining your niche or creating your pitch, you can always book a free strategy session with me here. I’m here to help you!

If you would like to know more about working with brands, like how to craft the perfect emails, create a good media kit, learn how to negotiate your rates… I can recommend an amazing course. As some of you know, I love to binge courses so of course I also did a course on working with brands. And it blew my mind. You might be able to guess already… It’s Pitch it Perfect from Julie Solomon!

Pitch it Perfect by Julie Solomon



I’m very curious about your pitches! Share your pitch in the comments and let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Poovanesh says:

    My pitch
    I help working moms with reserch – based tips to cope with their parenting challenges so they can live life on their own terms.

  2. Jazmyn says:

    I’m Jazmyn, a Lifestyle Blogger who encourages millennial women to love themselves and love their lives by way of self care and mindset shifts so they can flourish in spite of external circumstances.

  3. Liz says:

    Hey Y’all. Can y’all help me? I want to say something like this but of course it is more than 160 characters… Any advice?
    “A fellow mom blogger with a passion to help fellow moms and women conquer motherhood and womanhood by sharing parenting tips/advice, mom and kid fashion, kid friendly meals and actives, decor and organization tips, all while being fabulous!”

    Thanks for any help! : )

    1. Sophie says:

      Hey, Liz! I suggest you get in touch with my VA (hello@sarah-elizabeth.co). She’ll be able to help you hone in on your pitch and make it swoon-worthy!

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