How To Start A Blog On WordPress

Wondering, how to start a blog the right way? The thought of starting a blog can be terrifying if you are a newbie. Luckily, you are at the right place. In this post, I will teach you exactly how to start a blog on WordPress by yourself.

First, why you should blog?

Not just blogging is a wonderful pastime activity but it gives a voice to your inner thoughts, lifetime experiences, skills and allows you to connect with people across the world. While helping people do better with their lives you can also gain expertise, run a part-time business and even make money from blogging.

By now you have probably found your blogging niche. Basically, a niche helps to narrow down your targeted audience and keep them coming back to your blog for more information.

If you haven’t chosen a blog niche, watch my tutorial, ‘How to choose your niche as a blogger?’

So, you got the niche and now, it’s the right time to follow a proper blogging tutorial.

Let’s quickly head over to the tutorial to start a blog on WordPress.



As a new blogger, you may find it tricky to choose a blogging platform.

There are tons of platforms to start blogging. Some of the popular platforms are WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, and Wix.

Why do I recommend WordPress over Blogger & Squarespace?

WordPress is a robust blogging platform that gives endless choices for beginner level users and advanced users. The endless features, thousands of plugins and themes provide flexibility in the long run. More than 25% of websites all over the world are hosted on the WordPress platform. Amazing, right?

If you compare the price plans of WordPress and Squarespace you will find WordPress cost-effective. It’s free to download and you would only need hosting for about $3.95/m whereas Squarespace personal plan starts with $12/m.

However, both platforms have potential to create gorgeous and functional websites.

Click to read the exact comparison between WordPress and Squarespace.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What I suggest and Why?

I recommend WordPress.org if you are looking to make a business from your blog. The free wordpress.com works absolutely fine if you just blog for fun, make interactions, and sharing your story. The free platform makes you limited at certain points.

However, the wordpress.org provides unlimited plugins, beautiful free & paid themes, flexible methods to make money, an option to run an e-commerce store, unlimited storage etc.

I’m sure the difference is obvious.



A web hosting is a service provided by companies as Siteground to host your WordPress.org on the internet. If you intend to make your blog a business and make money, self-hosted is always recommended. When you pay Siteground a monthly hosting fee, they will basically make your site live and you get the freedom to self-host your site on your own choice.

Why do I recommend Siteground?

Siteground is an ideal hosting solution. It offers a wonderful 24/7 customer support service, affordable price plans, fast speed, intuitive dashboard, free SSL (https), daily backups, 99% uptime, easy to use tools and lots more. The attractive package, quality customer support, and great uptime are some awesome reasons why I love Siteground.

To get started with self-hosting, you’ve to choose a plan that meets your blogging needs and requirements.

Currently, Siteground offers three plans.

The StartUp plan starts with as low as $3.95/month. If you are fairly new to blogging and want to create one website then StartUp plan is perfect for you. It gives all essential features you need right now. If you want to start a business or are looking to manage more than one website then GoGeek should be the best choice.

The screenshot below will help you purchase the right plan.

Go to Siteground and choose your best plan. If blog traffic increases or you need more web space you can always upgrade your plan with Siteground. As I mentioned, their customer support is outstanding.



A domain name gives you an identity on the web. It takes a lot of consideration. So, if you want to build a personal brand then the best domain name is your own name. Rather than any nickname, pick a name you want to use professionally. Make sure your brand name is reflective of you for the next years.

Maybe, you’re looking to start a new blog or business. Use the tips below to come up with a perfect domain name.

  • Pick an easy name
  • Make it short and compelling
  • If possible, use keyword
  • Avoid any numbers
  • Keep it memorable

Now, check the domain availability on Siteground.

Just add the domain and see whether it’s available to buy. I would suggest .com extension as it’s suitable for all blogging and business websites. The domain costs around $14.5/year.

If you already have a domain, just enter your domain name and you’re good to move to the next step.


Fill out Complete Information

Provide all the necessary information.


Install WordPress

You got two options here.

  • Ask Siteground team to install WordPress for you.
  • Install it yourself with just one click.

To install WordPress, go to the cPanel area. Visit the ‘autoinstaller’ on the same page. Click the ‘Wordpress’ icon to start the installation.

As you click, the next step is to fill all the details.

In software setup, choose the protocol ‘https’ if your site has SSL. The next step is to add your domain.

In site settings, add your site name and site description. Fill out the admin, and the password details. Make sure you note down all these important details in a separate notebook or in an excel sheet.

Note down your administration URL as you will require this to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Click ‘Install’

Congratulations! Your blog is all set up.


Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

Use the admin and password details to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

The intuitive dashboard is simple to manage. There is an unlimited access to WordPress plugins, and themes that you can activate on your blog. However, I would like to recommend Bluchic themes due to maximum layouts, features, and other outstanding elements. I personally use it for my website and I’m loving it.


Need more help

My step by step should show you all the important things you need to know to start a blog on WordPress.

If you want an expert advice on blogging then book a blog strategy session with me here. Simply book a call and I will help you come up with a profitable blog strategy that will benefit your blog in the long run.


Going to start a blog? What will your blog be about?


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