The Exact Steps to Craft a High-Converting About Page

Let your About Page of your website sell yourself without lifting a finger. Your About Page should touch on the pain points of your audience along with a solution that answers all of their pain points. Learn to write a compelling about page that converts in just 5 foolproof steps! entrepreneur tips - business tips - how to write about page - website tips - grow your business - blogging tips - content creation #sophievl #entrepreneur #solopreneur #business #marketing #blogging

Let me guess: there are two things you focus on the most when it comes to your blog. You put a lot of effort in writing amazing blog posts and then you create the perfect social media posts to go with it. Your about page, however…

When you started your blog, you wrote a short little “about me” tag with some random facts about you. That was it, and you never really bothered to look at it again.

Now that’s a pity. Next to your homepage, it’s probably the most visited page on your entire site. You might think it doesn’t matter what you write there, because people can only read that page without commenting or liking, which they can with my blog posts, so it feels like it has no use and there’s nothing in it for you. Wrong!


First, try not to start your about page in a classic way, such as “Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Sophie and I love marketing.” We’ve all seen those about me pages a million times, and honestly, they just make us want to leave the page and find some interesting stuff elsewhere.

Instead, you want to grab their attention with some kind of statement. You need to draw them in from the start, so they’re excited to see what comes next.

I started my about page with “Hey you! I know you.” for example, so readers are immediately like “Really, why do you know me?” and keep on reading.


People need to know they’re in the right place. For them, and for you. Because no one will benefit from a new reader that doesn’t really belong in the target group and who’s not interested in the rest of the content, and will never buy anything. You want to get the RIGHT readers to your about page.

Those that will feel like they belong on your blog, that will engage with your posts, that will buy the products you create or recommend. Of course, there is a way to make sure you get a hold of those people. You just address them! Ask them if they feel this way, and that they get frustrated by this, or this makes them really happy…

Focus on their feelings

You want to address their feelings, their goals, their desires, their struggles. This way you’re sure to draw in the right people. AND they will feel like they can relate to you. You want them to feel like you know exactly what they’re going through.


Of course, the next part tells them how you can solve their problems. Why can you help them? This is where you tell them how to overcome the struggles you’ve just mentioned, with your help of course.

Don’t write an entire sales page. Tell them what your value is, not your products and services. They just need to feel like finally they will be able to achieve this or get rid of this.  Make sure to tell them how they would feel if they DON’T have your help.


Next, you should include a call-to-action. You can ask your readers to subscribe to your email list, follow you on social media, download a freebie or something else. You can even include this CTA in several places on your page. That’s up to you. But do include one! It’s a shame not to use this opportunity.

Actually, every single page on your website can have a call-to-action. And the about page might even be the most important one. It’s the page where people get to know your story, find out if they’re in the right place, where they connect with you and get emotional (or at least a tiny bit).

That’s when people subscribe to your email list or decide to follow you on social media. It’s very important to seize the moment and grab those subscribers while you can. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


No one wants to read one long text without anything visually appealing. That’s why you should include paragraphs, photos, quotes, bold words, italic words, even a video if you want. Let your creativity flow! Some great examples are the about pages of Marie Forleo and Bucketlist Bombshells.


I know you want to. All bloggers do. This is it, guys! But wait. Don’t go blurring out all random facts about your life. think it through. The goal here is to get your readers to connect with you.

You don’t want to be the almighty expert that’s ten miles away from them. Instead, you want to be the person that’s close to them, knows exactly what they’re going through because you went through something similar. I want you to share YOUR vulnerable story. Why did you create this blog? Was there a specific defining moment that you were so unhappy or something was missing in your life, or you went through something tough… that made you start this blog?

Dig deep

What did you have to overcome to get where you are now? Dig deep, and try to imagine one exact turning point. Now start telling it, and include details of how you felt and what was going on at that moment. This is the juicy stuff. Tell them how you are better off now.
This is the crème de la crème of your about me page. Make sure your writing in an honest and authentic way. You don’t want to come across as a sleezy salesman. You just want to get close and personal with your audience. I’m sure you’ll nail this. Bloggers excel at this!

Random bits

You CAN put a random bit about you somewhere on your page. Maybe on your photo, or somewhere at the end, a couple of sentences. Just make sure it’s not too much.


The three essential elements in your about page are describing your target, showing them your value and telling your story. Furthermore, try to surprise them and keep them engaged. You can do this! I’ll know you’ll create a killer page.


I would love to see your about pages! Post the link below, can’t wait to read them.
Here’s the video version of this blog post, on how to create a compelling about page that converts!


  1. Carley says:

    My about page is so daunting. It’s the one post that I’m never happy with no matter how many times I recraft it. These are great tips, though. I love the “Hey I know you” bit.

  2. Mary Leigh says:

    Great tips. I’m taking some time off of posting in the next couple of weeks to start being strategic and focusing on some of these details in the new year so this was really helpful for me!

  3. Kate says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I haven’t updated my about page since I threw one up just before setting my blog live. It’s definitely time for a major overhaul.

    1. Sophie says:

      Kate, I know so many people that haven’t touched their About Page in years! But at least you’re re-vamping it to match your brand and personality – congrats!

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