“I signed up for a strategy session with Sophie VL and she offered a valuable 2-hour informative experience. She is engaging, knowledgeable, patient and supportive. She listened to and answered all of my questions. She offered many tips, strategies, and resources to assist me with my blog and I’m highly grateful for our call. I’m looking forward to learning more from her and working with her in the near future.”

Kiya M.

“I was offered a free blog strategy session with Sophie VL was most impressed with the following aspects of the session:

Sophie was keen to help me and did not clock watch. In fact, we ran over time. It was a most productive session.  Sophie came armed with the proper techniques to get the best results for me. It was casual but structured to give me some constructive tips to take my blog to the next level.By the end of it, this is what we achieved:

  1.          My niche
  2.          MY Elevator Pitch
  3.          Possible Monetization avenues
  4.          Some ideas for my Opt – in freebies”

Poovanesh P.

“I was really struggling to make time to plan and create content for my brand new Instagram account for my web design business. I knew that my ideal client was on Instagram and I wanted the Instagram to be one of my marketing channels but I knew I couldn’t handle it myself knowing the amount of client work I have. So I decided to hire Sophie to help me with the content planning & creation and it has been amazing working with her. 

Although we had a brainstorming session beforehand, I was worried that Sophie may come back with content that doesn’t sound like me at all – but she did an amazing job at looking at my previous content and picked up my style very well.

Sophie communicated very well in terms of schedule therefore I knew exactly when I can expect to receive content and review. She also used an online content management tool called Airtable to share content with me – which was really helpful for me to review content as the tool has different views such as content view (it’s like a spreadsheet), calendar view and visual view. 

3 things I liked most about working with Sophie:

  1. Sophie knows her stuff! – very knowledgeable when it comes to social media marketing
  2. Design skills – I love all the images & video she created along with the content 
  3. Friendly and approachable – she answered all my questions promptly and in detail 

I would definitely recommend working with Sophie, if you need someone to help you plan & create content – she is your lady!”

Risa K.

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