5 Brilliant Time Management Tips for Bloggers with a 9-5

Make the most of your Blogging Time
It's hard for an entrepreneur to juggle a blog and business along with a 9-5. It requires some serious time-management skills and productivity tips which is why I am sharing my top 5 productivity tips on the blog! entrepreneur tips - business tips - productivity tips - time management tips - blogging tips - grow your business #sophievl #entrepreneur #solopreneur #timemanagementtips #blogging #productivitytips

You’ve had a busy day at work. You’re going home and looking forward to talking to your boyfriend about your day. Once home, you start chatting with him, cooking some dinner, relaxing a little. Then you sit down, put on a great TV show and start cuddling in the couch. But WAIT- you planned some blogging time tonight! But you’re so exhausted and you need some quality time… Ok you’ll just do it tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does. Juggling a blog and a 9-5 is not easy. Creating consistent content with a tired brain from work IS a challenge. But not to worry, I have a few amazing tips that will help you through it. I spent 5 years figuring out how to make the most of my blogging time without sacrificing my entire social life, and I’m laying it all out for you today.


Yes, DAILY! I used to create a weekly to do list. But that just allowed me to procrastinate. I would postpone my tasks all the time, in the way I talked about in the intro. I’d end up working on my blog maybe 1 or 2 days a week, thinking I’d just finish everything during the weekend. Except when I entered the weekend, suddenly these new events or get-togethers with my friends would happen, and I just did NOT finish my list AT ALL.

By creating a daily to do list, you simply can’t postpone your to-dos until the day after. Of course you don’t have to plan to-dos everyday, but that’s a choice you make BEFOREHAND. That’s not procrastination. In a nutshell: by creating a daily to do list, the window to procrastinate is so much smaller which will result in you actually finishing your tasks that day.


I want you to think about WHEN you do your blogging work. Usually, we would just assume that we could work on our blogs in the evenings. But there are two problems with that timeframe.

The first problem is your mental energy. If you have a tough job, you get tired during the day, and you simply don’t have that much mental energy left in the evenings to work on your blog.

The second problem is, if you do all your blogging work in the evenings, you don’t have a deadline. If you wanted, you could work all night on your blog. So no need to hurry or to be focused on your blog!

So instead of the evenings, when can you work on your blog? That’s right, the mornings before work! This fixes BOTH problems! You have the energy because your working day hasn’t even started yet, AND there’s a clear deadline: the moment you have to leave for work.

I bet you can finish the same amount of work in one early hour versus two hours in the evening!

Working on your blog in the MORNING = more energy & less distraction & less procrastination. whoop whoop!Click To Tweet


Prioritizing instead of multi-task. I used to multi-task like crazy, not finish anything and end up totally frustrated. Here’s why.

When you multi-task, your brain needs time to switch from task 1 to task 2 all the time. Let’s say you need to write a blog post and finish a couple of social media posts. You start writing the post, switching over to social media, then again to the post, etc. so you waste SO MUCH time losing focus.

Imagine you could finish the blog post and finish half of the social media posts. If you start with the blog post and continue until it’s finished, then afterwards start on the social media posts, you will at least have finished the blog post.

If you multi-task both, you’ll probably end up finishing 70% of both the post and the social media. And you don’t get that awesome fulfilling feeling afterwards!

This also means checking your phone all the time or getting distracted by something else. Getting distracted equals losing focus and forcing your brain to refocus several time equals just a loss of time in general.

Basically, multi-tasking is a no-go. If you don’t multi-task, you will work in a sequence. Hence, the need for prioritizing. When you start creating your planning, think about what you want to achieve and which tasks are necessary for that goal. Plan those in first, and the less important tasks.


This one is for all of those who procrastinate! DO NOT GO EASY ON YOURSELF. You want to force yourself to focus, and easy deadlines will allow you to be distracted. Give yourself a bit of a tight deadline so you need to “hurry” while you’re working, and you’ll get it done!
But be realistic. Don’t try to fit 5 blog posts in one evening, that’s too tight and will get you frustrated and demotivated! A realistic but fairly tight deadline will optimize your blogging time.


This tip has been huge for me. A couple of months ago, I hired my own business coach, and the accountability I got from having a coach has helped me enormously. Having someone to check in with you means you have to finish the tasks you set out to-do.
With my coach, I tell her every week which goals I commit to for the following week, and in our next session she asks me if I finished those tasks and how it went. If I don’t finish the to-dos, I feel guilty. The possibility of that guilt leads me to achieve my goals every single week.

You don’t have to get a coach in order to be accountable for your goals and blogging time. If you have a lot of self-discipline, you can hold yourself accountable with your own planning. Most of us do not have that much self-discipline and need someone else that knows about our goals and sees if we finish them. That could be a friend, your husband, whoever you choose. But you have to choose the person, otherwise it will feel like they’re checking up on you, and you don’t want that negative vibe when it comes to your personal goals and dreams.


Juggling a blog and a full time job is not easy, but you CAN do it and achieve your goals! The key is making the most of your blogging time. You need to create a daily planning to avoid procrastination, find the right time to work on your blog when you can focus, prioritize instead of multi-task and find someone to hold you accountable (or hold yourself accountable if you have the self-discipline). Implement these 5 tips and I’m sure you’ll finish A LOT more to-dos in the following weeks!


What are you struggling with when it comes to time management? Do you have any tips that have been helpful for you?

Here’s the video version!


    1. Sophie says:

      I’m sure they can! Glad you’re going to implement my suggestions! Feel free to send me a message or join the “Bloggers Going Pro” Facebook group for extra support when you’re struggling. I’ll be happy to motivate you in there 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  1. Danielle says:

    I’m not great at making a list of daily goals/tasks for my blog. I do it for my 9-5 no problem, but not my blog. However, I do work on my blog for a couple hours in the morning because my day job gets crazy hectic and I don’t always know when I’m getting off. I do always try to fit in a couple more hours of blog tasks in the evening. Typically easier tasks like photo editing, menu planning or social media. I multi task when I need to, but i really try to stay on one thing before moving to the next if I can. I do a better job that way. I have a million things on my blog I want to work on/learn, but I finish one then move onto another. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

    1. Sophie says:

      So you’re basically already implementing all my tips! 🙂 just the daily schedule, that might still help you! But I totally get the struggle. I have a perfect planning in my job but since the blog is a more “personal outlet” it’s hard to stay focused and organized for that one too. But seems like you’re doing an awesome job!!

  2. Willow says:

    Fantastic tips, thank you for sharing! The one about blogging before work instead of after is probably the biggest one for me… I’m always trying to do my work in the evenings or on the weekends because I am NOT a morning person, but I do think it would make me more productive if I worked in the AM.

  3. Crystal says:

    Oh my goodness! This post was so what I needed right now. Trying to maintain a blog and social media after work and with a family is hard. These are great tips!!!

  4. Yolanda says:

    I have been REALLY struggling with this lately, working all day coming home and feeding a family, taking the dog out, trying to relax plus promote my content and write. AND I’m trying to dedicate time to build out another website lol It’s been crazy! Thanks for the great tips I’m going to be referring back to this often.

  5. Heather says:

    Ok, I sort of knew about all but one of those points. It never occurred to me to get up early and start my blogging then. I work part-time, have 2 kids and another business in addition to blogging so I always feel like I’m never fully focused on any one thing. Getting up just an hour early would allow me to work on the pieces I need full focus for and the other things can be done in small bits. Great tips!

  6. Erin says:

    I have to admit that my “9-5” is so light that I blog at work. But I work from 9:30-8 everyday. I do find that I get distracted though. If I have to stop writing to do my “job”, it can kill the flow. Thanks for sharing.

  7. marnie says:

    Hi Sophie,
    Great tips! It is #5 accountability would keep me in check, too! Because I don’t want to let anyone down. It is great tip and an idea I will have to implement! Thank you!

  8. Great tips and ideas. I’ve often thought of getting up early to work on my blog but just have never done it. That’s my procrastination taking over. I know if I made myself do it for a few weeks, it would become habit and part of my routine. I appreciate you taking the time to write this post.

    1. Sophie says:

      Ashley, I’m so happy you found these tips useful! You should check out Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year. He puts multi-tasking into perspective and what it can do for a business owner!

  9. I had a daily schedule (basically after kids go to sleep), but have found that as my networks have started to grow I’ve been adding more and more time to dealing with them. It’s hard to stick to a schedule with social media engagement when it seems like other people are on a completely different one. You don’t want to be rude and not reply for 12 hours, or miss the opportunity to interact. Still figuring out that balance for myself.

    1. Sophie says:

      I know exactly what you mean, Hilary. When I hit that point, I knew it was time to outsource and haven’t looked back. One of the best business decisions!

    1. Sophie says:

      You’re welcome, Bailey! I would be completely lost without some sort of schedule to keep me on track and remind me what is coming due. I currently use Airtable. It’s awesome!

  10. Aly says:

    Those are great tips, and right on point! Especially forcing yourself to stick to deadlines! Pinned this for sure. Thank you!

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