vip coaching

4-month 1:1 coaching program to uplevel your business

You started your business with a plan to live your dream life. 

You got visible, got (some) clients, but it’s nowhere close to being dreamy.

You might have bigger dreams for your business but you keep putting them off because it’s never the right time.

You might be scared to show up online because you don’t have a certification or degree on what you’re teaching.

You might be hustling 24/7 because you’re afraid to raise your rates.

You might be hesitant to share your story because it feels too boring, or the opposite, too heavy.

You might shy away from livestreams or email lists because you don’t consider yourself techy enough.

You might be in love with your business but you’re afraid to explain it to your family & friends, which is holding you back from truly showing up.

You might be freelancing when you want to be coaching but you feel like you lack expertise.

You might be doing everything yourself instead of building your dream agency.

You might be procrastinating all the time, but you have no clue why.

Time to work through it and build your dream business.


You’ll finally feel happy, worthy, fulfilled.

You won’t work so many hours but you’ll be more profitable.

You’ll have more time for your family, travel more and retire your husband.

You’ll be fired up after you spend time working instead of feeling drained.

You’ll love your clients instead of wishing they somehow decided to stop your contract (that used to be me).

Your visibility will skyrocket.

You’ll create the most inspiring content.

You’ll get so many more results for your clients because you finally became your true self.

How will you get there?

There are 4 key elements in growing a successful business aligned with your values.


Getting clear on your “why” and your goals in your business is an indispensible step in growing your business. This will translate to anything you do in your business and needs to be on point.


You can’t grow without a plan! In this stage we’ll set up specific action steps that build towards your goals. These action steps are reviewed weekly to make sure you’re on the right track.


Taking action is what will get you to achieve your goals. In this coaching program we carefully monitor your motivation so you take all the necessary action to grow.


You can’t do it alone, you need systems and support in place. In this stage we set up online systems and hire the right people to make your business run smoothly and complement your lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Sophie

I started my online journey years ago as a blogger years ago. During my blogging days I learned everything I could on how to grow a large and engaged audience online. I turned to marketing consulting afterwards and learned how to monetize my audience in the best way.

I then realized that I had a huge love for coaching, so I started a certification course and got clients.

This journey sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t. It was full of self-doubt, overwhelm, overplanning, procrastination, perfectionism, and anything you can think of that would hold you back. 

All entrepreneurs struggle with this and need support to get through the rollercoaster in the best possible way.

That’s why I have made it my purpose to help entrepreneurs grow their business, so they can grow twice as fast as they would on their own.

This is for you if...

  • You're an entrepreneur willing to grow their business online
  • You feel stuck in some way because you lack clarity, strategies or support.
  • You are committed to growth and you're ready to invest and take major action.

This is not for you if...

  • You're just starting out and you're not sure if you want to be an entrepreneur.
  • You're not ready to invest in your business.
  • You need a cookie-cutter solution. This is not a step-by-step program any entrepreneur can follow. This is personalized to you and designed so we define your action steps together.


4 month program: 997 USD per month

Pay in FULL and get 10% off!

Here's what you get

3x 1-hour calls per month
Calls are done via Zoom and can be scheduled in advance.

Unlimited personalized support
You will get personalized support through a software called Basecamp which provides chat, messages, document sharing… without the distractions (like the ones that come with messenger or email) which is beneficial for coaching.

Goals and struggles are revised every session
In the beginning of our program your goals will be defined, and as we move through the sessions you will be held accountable to those goals and we’ll work through any struggles that come up.

Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists
Depending on where you are in your journey there will be resources available to help you develop your strategy and your mindset.


getting excited? that means it's time.

Time to uplevel and experience major growth in your business.

Not sure yet? Watch what my clients are saying.

Ready to uplevel?

Time to take major action and choose growth over comfort.